“All I have ever wanted to do was sing and make music…”
— Red Marlow

When Red Marlow was 6, he belted out “Amazing Grace” at a church in his native Northern Alabama where his dad was the preacher. “I was so little, they stood me up on a table so folks could see me,” Red recalls. “After I got through singing, the church did a love offering, and I got $27. When you’re a kid, $27 is a fortune!” He adds with a sly smile, “My older brother, who had been asked to sing first but refused, just cried and cried.” Marlow’s been singing and delighting crowds with his radio-friendly country with a down-home bent ever since.

“From the time I was 9 years old, I regularly sang and played music in church,” Marlow says. “My Dad would go preach, and then my siblings and I provided the music. We played mostly Bluegrass and Southern Gospel and there’s still some inflections of that in what I do today.” His unique, hooky mixture of contemporary and traditional country styles creates a signature vocal sound that defines him as an artist.

Songwriting came as naturally to Red Marlow as performing, making his move to Nashville an inevitable one. “All I have ever wanted to do was sing and make music,” he explains. It did not take much prodding from fellow Alabama native Phillip White for Marlow to pack up all he had and head to Music City. “Phillip is one of my favorite songwriters. He wrote ‘I’m Moving On’ for Rascal Flatts, ‘Nobody But Me’ for Blake Shelton, and so many more. When someone like Phillip White tells you that you need to move to town and make a career doing music, you listen,” said Marlow.

His debut release, a self titled EP, was produced by friend and mentor Phillip White. Marlow co-wrote 4 of the 5 tracks, including the infectious single “Whatcha Think About That” which was featured on Sirius XM The Highway.

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